The project is to be understood as a reaction to and consequence of the performance “Unseal the City”, which aims to tear open asphalt in urban spaces to stress the environmental importance of soil and its microorganisms. As a symbolic gesture 101 pieces of asphalt are selected as unique objects and taken from the construction site. They are then sprayed with chrome varnish and labeled with prices from 0€-100€. Through this intervention each chunk of asphalt is charged with new possibilities of meaning, while asking questions about value, ownership and our urban realities. The pieces are on the one hand a reminder of the importance of collective thinking and sharing economies, and on the other hand a critique of capitalist structures that shape the cities we are living in.
Acquiring a unique piece of concrete means supporting the ongoing project and the artist collective, it means being part of the process of unsealing our cities, and it means acquiring a limited piece of art.